Jenny Cawthon, Founder of Greenjoy

Organic Roots: The Inspiration Behind Greenjoy

I grew up in a health-food household and learned at an early age that eating healthy, good-for-you food can and should be delicious. My mom was organic and green before organic and green were even cool.  She taught us about the relationship between good, wholesome food, and our bodies and how food directly affects our health. In my heart, I started this business when I was a child sitting in my mom’s kitchen, chomping on freshly pulled carrots from our garden. I made it official in 2012, and I haven’t stopped chomping on carrots since!

In its purity, food is about community. People coming together to nourish their bodies and their souls. At Greenjoy, we believe that cooking is the best way to connect and tap into these fundamental beliefs. Cooking with my mom is what inspired me to start this company, and cooking with my kids is what inspires them to choose nutrient-dense foods. Today, I feed my kids the same way my mom fed us: intuitively and with nourishing ingredients. This food philosophy is the foundation of Greenjoy and why I started this company. Through our innovative products, foodie flavors, and pure ingredients, we’re helping more people to love, eat & crave vegetables every day.

We make products that taste like something you made in your own kitchen, or like something that your mom used to make for you. Full of flavor, intentionally made, and packed with love. That’s what we offer at Greenjoy. The freshest dressing in the bottle and when you cook with us, it’s like cooking with family. We’re glad to have you with us on this epic journey. Welcome to our community of foodies…eating clean one bite at a time.

Love & Veggies,

Jenny Cawthon

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