Made by hand, crafted with heart


Hand crafted? Small batches? We’ve been doing that since long before it was popular. We started our little company to bring you food that tastes like it’s fresh from the kitchen, not from a plastic bottled-factory. Our products taste homemade because they are–a foodie’s delight even if you’re not a foodie. And because we use all natural, fresh ingredients (no ugly preservatives, gums, additives, or anything like that) you can taste the difference in everything we do.


We’ve been putting extra doses of goodness on top of our salads, casseroles, yogurt, brownies, and other gourmet delights for decades. So when we decided to offer a portable blend of nuts and fruit to our customers, we were blown away by the demand. People everywhere are using our Mixers in all sorts of different ways, even as a snack in the purse.

3 Flavors of Greenjoy Superfood Mixers

Pressed Salad Bars

At Greenjoy, we make eating veggies irresistible! Our roots in making epic salads inspired us to pack those same vibrant, healthy ingredients into a go-anywhere snack with two servings of veggies. Our Pressed Salad Bars are everything you love about salad…to go. And the only thing you need to toss (into the recycle bin) is the wrapper!