Our Mixers are a quick and easy way to boost flavor in any meal or snack. Add to a salad, sandwich, yogurt, oatmeal, or even a dessert for the perfect added crunch!

You can find Mixers at your local Whole Foods or EarthFare stores in the refrigerated section. Keep these delightful bags in your refrigerator when you get home too…nuts that are high in unsaturated oils (healthy fats) are more susceptible to oxidation which can lead to rancidity. We don’t sell our Mixers online yet, but we’ll let you know when we do!


Our Cinnamon Coconut Salad Mixers are possibly the most versatile bag in your kitchen. These whole food goodies bring a whole new level of joy to salads, yogurt, fruit and even ice cream. Oh, and it’s pretty darn tempting straight outta the bag!


Our Classic Garlic Superfood Salad Mixers are thoughtfully blended whole food goodies that make salads crave-worthy, bring crunch to sides and add sizzle to main dishes.

PS: they make an amazing snack right out of the bag.


Our Spicy Rosemary Superfood Salad Mixers are chock full of whole food goodies with just enough spice to kick salads, avocado toast and main dishes up to a whole new level.

News Flash: Many report Mixers never making it into salad due to irresistible snackability.