Our Values

At Greenjoy, our organization is guided by core values that aren’t just words we hang up on the wall, but principals that we all share. This is how we approach our work, how we interact with each other, how we chose our partners, and how we do business – every single day.

Food = Love

We’re foodies. We love good food and we spend a lot of time making it, talking about it, and eating it! To us food doesn’t just feed our bodies, but it feeds our souls. We carry with us the memories of cooking with our Aunt Dottie (or our dads, or our friends, or our kids).

There’s something magical about those times we spend in the kitchen, savoring the smell of baking bread, or simmering stew. We can’t quite say it any other way – fresh veggies from the family garden, hosting a potluck Friendsgiving, or traveling around the world in search of the best noodles – food is love!

A Healthy Body

To us, healthy means fresh, real, and natural. We strive to provide foods that are

FRESH- minimally processed, with no preservatives;
REAL -whole ingredient with no artificial anything; and
NATURAL – this is food, not science!

A Healthy Planet

We are deeply concerned about our affect on the environment. Doing our part for a healthy planet means incorporating conservation and water reduction practices wherever we can. We accept ugly produce, we use recyclable packaging, and we donate anything we can’t use, as long as someone else can.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Access for Everyone

Food deserts exist in our own country, and young children (and adults) in economically depressed situations lack the basic nutrition they need to thrive in the world. We are dedicated to fighting hunger and helping people get access to healthy, nutritious food.

Always Innovating

Opportunity is everywhere, and we love the challenge of capturing it whenever we can! Sometimes it means using unexpected ingredient combinations, or testing different packaging ideas, or even redesigning operational processes. Change is inevitable, why not make it our own!