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Our Cinnamon Coconut Superfood Mixes are possibly the most versatile bag in your kitchen. These whole food goodies bring a whole new level of joy to salads, yogurt, fruit and even ice cream. Oh, and it’s pretty darn tempting straight outta the bag!

6 or 9 units (4.5oz ea)

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These plant-based, grain-free mixes are the perfect topping for your latest salad creation or try them on avocado toast, smoothie bowls, or straight outta the bag. This innovative blend is a sure-fire way to add nutrition and feel good about what you eat (or just impress your guests with its magical flavor).

No hidden chemicals, no preservatives, and only steam-pasteurized almonds.

Every bag is recyclable and designed to reduce waste and promote a healthier planet.

Ingredients: Pecans, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, steam-pasteurized almonds, organic coconut, extra virgin olive oil, brown sugar (sugar, molasses), spices, kosher salt.

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6 Packs, 9 Packs

10 reviews for Cinnamon Coconut Superfood Mix

  1. hehkazoo

    I LOVE the salad toppers!!!!! I eat WAY more salad than ever before. All are great but I like the cinnamon best – with the coconut and dried fruit it turns salad into dessert. And when I take a salad to an event or party I get lots of compliments. Seriously one of the best products I have discovered this year!

  2. sarahlulabell

    These scrumptiously easy superfpod mixers are a lifesaver as a mom on an AIP Paleo diet. My daily lunch salads taste better and are packed with more nutrients to fuel me for the rest of the day as a super-person (read: PARENT). I can’t get enough of the Cinnamon Coconut Blend and neither can the folks I introduce it to, 100% satisfaction so I buy it in bulk. It’s “cranberries and coconuts on the cake” that it’s regionally made and filled with so much JOY! Appreciatively, your forever fan Sarah

  3. Channing Salava

    We’re so glad you love them! They add a delightful crunch to any meal or snack.

  4. Lisa Brown

    My whole family loves the Cinnamon Coconut mix! They take them to school for a quick snack and, for my older child, it’s great to have as an after school snack before football practice. We add them in yogurt and on ice cream; however, our favorite way to use them is as a crunchy topping on french toast! It’s awesome!

  5. channingsalava-6529

    Love this product!! Must try!

  6. Linda Duncan

    Really enjoy this product. A very healthy topper for my salad and yet a delicious snack. Cannot say enough wonderful things about how much I appreciate this product with its healthy ingredients. This is also a favorite for me in my yogurt and/or sprinkled over some fresh fruit. Delicious and perfectly healthy all in one . Thank you Greenjoylife.

  7. Kathy Lewandowski

    Cinnamon Coconut Superfood mix is so delicious! I love it on salad and straight out of the bag. Quite good on yogurt and in oatmeal. Also made cookies with this mix when I ran out of nuts! I enjoy the healthy ingredients, thank you Greenjoylife.

  8. Sofia Davidson

    Def a fave! My kids eat it on everything ice cream and on their cream cheese bagels in the morning!! It is definitely a must have on chia pudding!! All.the.things. 💯

  9. Sofia Davidson

    Def a fave! My kids eat it on ice cream and on their cream cheese bagels in the morning!! It is definitely a must have on chia pudding!! All.the.things. 💯

  10. Heather Hipp

    This mix is soooo good. I put it in my yogurt, on waffles for my kids, on salads, and eat it by the handful straight out of the bag. Our whole family loves this mix!

  11. Jenni Pirtle

    My son loves this and eats it by the handful. All of the Greenjoy mixes are divine but this is a crowd pleaser for my youngins, divine on desserts, salads and apps too!

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