Sustainable desserts

At Greenjoy, we are passionate about creating a sustainable and environmentally responsible company. Always looking to improve the world around us, we make conscious decisions every day when it comes to packaging, materials, sourcing, and overall business practices. We use this framework to guide our business decisions and work with partners who also put sustainability and environmental compatibility at the forefront.

The food industry is spearheading many of these changes and enacting seismic shifts that are altering the way the industry does business. Two notable initiatives are the Ugly Food Movement and Upcycling. Since our launch, we have focused on participating in the Ugly Food Movement, and in sharing our love for all shapes and sizes, we welcome crooked carrots, bumpy beets, and their imperfect kin when producing our Pressed Salad Bars.

Upcycling is quickly gaining traction similar to the Ugly Food Movement and for good reason! Defined by Wikipedia, “Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality and environmental value.”

One company that is leading the way is ReGrained. They ‘rescue’ spent grain that is left after beer is brewed and upcycles those ingredients into nutrition bars and puffs. Renewal Mill is another brand that is on a mission to “Bake a Better Future!”. They use upcycled ingredients such as premium organic okara flour in their flours and brownie mixes.

When it comes to desserts, our team is easily persuaded to try anything. We have a sweet tooth that rivals even the most hardcore chocolate lovers, so when we discovered Renewal Mill, we HAD to reach out and collaborate. Greenjoy + Renewal Mill seemed like the perfect pair to fight cravings and spark environmental change simultaneously. Together, this superfood dessert is easy, delicious, and making a difference one bite at a time.

Our Greenjoy Cinnamon Coconut Superfood Mix is the perfect nutrient-rich topping for anything from ice cream, peanut butter toast, mashed sweet potatoes, to yogurt. Of course, they’re also delicious straight outta the bag! The Renewal Mill Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix, however, makes the perfect vehicle for a superfood-packed sustainable dessert.

Let’s look at the nutritional benefits for both of these awesome products:

Renewal Mill Brownie Mix

  • Plant-based – just add water and oil!
  • Gluten-free
  • Upcycled! Three of the ingredients including our premium organic okara flour are lovingly sourced from unique places in the food system where nutrition would otherwise be wasted
  • Made with organic sugar
  • Good source of fiber

Greenjoy Cinnamon Coconut Superfood Mix

  • Plant-based, grain-free, and gluten-free
  • Packaging that is designed to reduce waste
  • Full of protein and fiber that support brain, heart, and gut health
  • No hidden chemicals, no preservatives
  • We use only steam-pasteurized almonds!

This dessert couldn’t be easier to make, so kids will love baking them too! Simply add water and oil (we used coconut oil) to the Brownie Mix and bake as directed. Add Greenjoy Mix to the top of your brownies after 10 minutes in the oven and then pop back in to finish baking. Another idea is to smear your favorite almond butter and top with Mix to complete your superfood-packed sustainable dessert.